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TSPSC Group-2 Exam OTT
  • 51+ Tests
  • 7500+ Questions
  • Unlimited Attempts
  • With Key & Explanations
  • Mode: Online
Validity till August 30, 2023
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
What is Exam OTT?
It is based on subscription model in which the subscribed progam is accessible.
What is the advantage of Exam OTT?
It will allow you to access the course or program or test series at affordable price.
How the Exam OTT is different from conventional One Time Payment (OTP) mode?
The Exam OTT will allow you to access as per the exam and your requirement.
Will the price of Exam OTT be lower than the OTP mode?
YES. The prices of Exam OTT are almost TEN times lower than the OTP mode.
How to join the Exam OTT?
1. Select the course
2. Pay the amount
3. Access the course
Can I pay through Online/UPI/Internet banking/etc.?
YES. All modes of payment accepted including cash payment.
What is the validity of my subscription?
Each subscription duration varies based on the course. Kindly check the validity before subscription.
To whom should I contact if there is any issue?
You call to 70134 95019 or WhatsApp or email to or visit office of CivicCentre, Hyderabad.
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