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Civil Services Beginner’s Guide
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Why Civil Services
is the most
Prestigious job?
45% of Successful Aspirants in 2022 cracked
Civil Servies below the age of 23.
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CSAT | 30Hrs
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Why I Failed?
Why did I fail in CSAT despite coming from Maths background?
  • Though CSAT is a qualifying paper, it should not be taken for granted. Aspirants with maths background prepare for CSAT during the last few days.
  • The relevance of PYQ’s are neglected. They fails to observe the changes in patterns and toughness level.
  • Most of them reaches the critical zone (60-70), but fail to reach the safe zone (90+).
I am from a non-Maths background. Despite basic preparation, I fail to clear CSAT. Why?
  • Here, the aspirants need to build their base and learn time saving tactics.
  • They need clarity on where to limit their preparation and also on the frequently asked sections.
  • They have no clear strategy on how to allocate their time between Aptitude, Reasoning and English section.
  • They also might reach the critical zone, but not the safe zone.
I am an experienced UPSC candidate with multiple prelims attempts. In the recent years, I am failing in CSAT. Why?
  • Writing CSAT and analysing CSAT is different. These aspirants fail to analyse CSAT.
  • They understand that the difficulty level has increased over the years. But they do not inspect how the pattern has changed.
  • Some seniors even tend to read CSAT solutions instead of solving them.
  • Prelims experience will definitely help you in many aspects. But it cannot substitute practicing questions.
Previous Year Questions | Analysis
UPSC CSAT Analysis 2015 - 2021
In Depth Analysis of CSAT PYQs from 2015 to 2021
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TSPSC Group-1 Prelims 2023 - Reflected Questions

75/150 Questions Reflected from CivicCentre Test Series

Download Reference: Click here

  • Date: 11.06.2022
  • Method: Reverse Engineering Technique
TSPSC Group-1 Prelims 2023 Exam - Key | 11-06-2023

Download key | English Medium: Click here

Download key | Telugu Medium: Click here

APPSC Group-1 Mains 2023 | 53 Questions Reflected

To Download Reflections PDF: Click here

  • Paper-I : 05
  • Paper-II : 16
  • Paper-III : 12
  • Paper-IV : 11
  • Paper-V : 09

TSPSC | Group-I | Prelims Reflected Questions
79/150 Qs reflected from CivicCentre
TSPSC Group-I | Prelims Exam | KEY
You can report any discrepancies in the key by 10_00 AM, 19 October 2022:
Cut-Off Marks Zone Wise & Community Wise will be released by 20th October 2022

TSPSC Group 1 | Naipunyata | 100-Day Mains Answer Writing Program

Program Highlights:

Everyday Answer Writing
  • 5Qs Everyday Previous Year Qs
  • 21 Sectional Tests
  • 14 Full Length Tests

  • Skeletal Answers for Daily Tests
  • Model Answers for Model Tests
  • One-One Interactions
  • Medium: English/Telugu
  • Mode:Classroom
  • Starting from 31st Oct 2022
  • Admissions in Progress
  • Call 70134 95019 for admission
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TSPSC Group-1 Prelims Test Series (90 Days Plan)
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